Take It Back Harvee Glasgow Underground

Harvee, or Harvey Burry as he’s known to his mates, just turned 18. He released his first single in July and has already gone on to release with J Paul Getto’s Fogbank and have his tracks played by The Shapeshifters. And what makes this more amazing is that he has never heard his music played in a club. Sure, they were open when he moved on from playing drums to messing around with Logic 3 years ago. Now, sadly, not. The Brixton event he heard his track played by The Shapeshifters was an all sit down socially-distanced affair. And he had to Shazam it to prove to his mates he wasn’t making it up! Since being introduced to house & disco by his Dad (who had a few releases himself back in the day) he has been hard at work crafting a steady stream of releases. His debut single for us is an absolute stunner. His clever use of disco samples and inspired vocals, helped along with some production & arrangement help from Kevin McKay sees him deliver the kind of feel-good modern day disco anthem we could all do with right now.

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