Kito JEMPERE – Yet Another Kito Jempere Album

A King Of Comets (Feat New Composers & Lovvlovver) / Sikao Qi Yun (Feat Jimi Tenor, Minako Sasjima & Lovvlovver) / Sergio Leone (Feat Lovvlovver, Gadzhi, Roman Englisgh & Juravlove) / Talking In My Dreams (Feat Wolfram & Lovvlovver) / Untitled Ritual (Feat Noteless) / Time Traveller / Your Ghost In Me (Feat Hard Ton, Noteless & Ruf Dug) / After The Storm (Feat Maajo) / Why You Guys Broke? (Feat Rich Thair) / A Mirage Seen At Buffalo (Feat Gadzhi, Lovvlovver, Lipelis, Roman English, Noteless & Jimi Tenor) / Et Que Je Dorme (Feat Miriam Sehhon & Lovvlovver) / Every Minute Is Too Late